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A sunbathing nude babe. Two changing chicks. A peeing girl. Newly-weds, making homemade porn. A masturbating hottie. Outdoor threesome. A sleeping naked beauty. Nude model shooting. A girl in a micro skirt, going upstairs… Real people get caught on voyeur sex cams indoors and outdoors. Real feelings get filmed on the sly. Private life is not private anymore – it falls into peepers’ domain. Hours of voyeur sex footage are available. Spy Cinema presents: all kinds of hidden camera stuff!

Hidden cam location

1. Indoors: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, parlor, shooting location, cafe

2. Outdoors: beach, woods, suburban house, surface water, street

It is much easier to set up a hidden camera (or several ones) at home than to follow a chick outdoors, being at the risk of getting caught and beaten. It is the main reason why most of voyeur sex sites lack the outdoor spy stuff. Most but Spy Cinema! Here are so many indoor and outdoor voyeur locations that it needs too much time to list all of them. So, let’s pay attention to some of the hottest action spots.
The omnipresent peepers take the voyeur sex shot of nude girls wherever the girls are, because all borders on their way to overwhelming spy ecstasy are not the real borders for them. Unsuspecting girls are under control in their houses and apartments, in the streets and cafes, on the beaches and even during photo sessions. How do these fans of voyeur sex stay unnoticed? It is their most guarded secret!
In general, Spy Cinema offers you to peep into the most secluded nooks of public places (the security cams help you do it), to visit the private territories on the sly, to be the secret participant of outdoor naked games (beach fun included), to follow the cutest girls in the shortest skirts wherever they go – i.e. to enjoy the voyeur sex stuff, taken in all possible locations.


1. Daily pursuits
2. Showering
3. Masturbation
4. Sleep
5. Sunbathing
6. Upskirt
7. Shooting
8. Sex

What do girls do day by day? It depends on many factors, from their location to occupation. But some of the daily pursuits are the same – sleep, taking a shower (and shaving the sexy legs and intimate spots), doing a piss, dressing, making up, reading, cooking, twittering with girlfriends, fooling around, etc. And many girls like do it in the nude! Say hello to them, but don’t wait for answer! Lol.
Some of the hottest voyeur amusements fall on summer – the amazing season, when girls put on the mini and micro skirts (sometimes, they wear no panties but are in stockings) and get filmed by upskirt hunters – at home, in the cafes, in the streets. Plus, many hotties go to the beaches to sunbath (in bikinis, topless and in the nude), to splash in the water and even to masturbate.
So, time to talk about the most intimate side (but not for voyeurs) of female life – sexercising. Bedroom fingerdance, shower pussy tickling, parlor toying, beach snatching – these babes know how to satisfy themselves! The most open-minded chicks do it with their girlfriends indoors and outdoors. And classic one-on-one fucking, with nude boobs and hairy asses in the voyeur sex cam focus, is also available.

Voyeur footage

– 45 privacy invasion, 46 upskirt, 42 outdoor, 31 sleeping, 29 backstage voyeur video episodes
– Full-length (20 min) video and several min clips
– WMV format
– Stills from videos
– Image galleries


– Updates on a weekly basis
– Free access to Max Voyeur network (approx. 400 voyeur sex episodes)
– Exclusive photo and video hidden cam content
– A collection of fetish sex stories
– Sex live cams


$8.95 / 3 days
$29.95 / 1 month
$69.95 / 3 months


Spy Cinema is a perpetum mobile of voyeurism – the spy fever and female imprudence make it run and don’t let it stop. Its voyeur sex collection is growing (don’t forget about the bonus access to even huger archive of spy cam videos and pics) and fulfilling all wishes of any peeper, even the most sophisticated one. Spying on everything, from daily pursuits to sex and everywhere, from maiden bedroom to beach? Yes. Filming from all the static voyeur sex view points and on the move? Yes. Enjoying the best hidden sex cam videos day by day? Yes. And you can start right now!

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